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 "Louisville's TOP choice for Custom Raised Bed Gardens"

Potager Garden - $18K

 My personal potager.  Every time I look out my kitchen window I am inspired.  Not only is it visually stunning, it also comforts me to know the weeds aren't out of control.  It looks less like work and more like pleasure.  There are a total of 8 Eastern Red Cedar beds, 3 cedar planter boxes, Rocky Mountian Rose stepping stones, Alabama Sunset gravel, and brick edging.  A total masterpiece.

Memorial Gardens - $1.8K

Kathy and I met at a women's networking event in 2019.  This spring Kathy gifted gardens to her children.  In memory of her son Walker, we installed two beds on his property.  He had a garden every year, and grew the best tomatoes.  This garden will keep his tradition alive.  It has been my honor to be a part of this project.  Two beds also went to her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Stella. Their front yard gardens are featured below!

Front Yard Gardens - $3K

 What a gift!  A twin set of 8x4x1 Eastern Red Cedar Raised Beds nestled among pea gravel aisles and bordered with custom cut edging.  Flagstone centering the walkway and obelisk trellises for beauty and practicality.  Planted with our unique soil blend and non-gmo fruits, veggies, herbs, & pollinators.  Little Stella loves her new garden!

Four Bed Classic - $4K

Brittany's yard is heavily eroded with hills and shaded from trees.  She wanted to grow a garden with her family but had been defeated in years past.  With that we decided to transform an unused, back portion of her gravel driveway to build a garden.  The entire family loves the new space, even her tiny dog, Sugar.

Poolside Gardens - $4K

Cheryl and Jamie are a military family with four children.  Cheryl is a pilot and travels a great deal away from home. Their daughter Tally was the biggest advocate of growing a backyard garden.  She wanted to grow ALL the things, in ALL the spaces!  We decided on a location that was heavily utilized, had great sun, and would sure to compliment the poolside area.  They opted for the gravel and edging to keep their dogs out, the weeds down, and the appeal strong!

Single Border Bed - $1.5K

Since the pandemic, Amy and her husband were looking for a new outdoor endeavor to pursue.  Amy isn't much of a green thumb so they decided to start small.  This 8x2.5x1.5 bed fits perfectly against their fence line and away from the shady parts of the yard. 

Back Yard Duo $4.1K

Kathleen is a physician with two children and a spacious yard off Zorn Ave.  Her desire to grow a gorgeous and productive garden has been our pleasure to create.  We paired together two 8.x4x1.5 red cedar beds connected with a black archway trellis.  Along the center we placed fleur-di-lis stepping stones among pea gravel and steel edging.  Turned out brilliant!

Bed Trio with Rodent-Proof Toppers $6.3K

Erica and her son have been gardening for years but wanted a fresh look.  We removed her old beds and added our signature pathways and borders.  They had some rodent trouble so we added topper-cages as an aesthetic safeguard for her neighborhood backyard.  She loves it!

"We bring the elements of an abundant & functional kitchen garden to elevate your lifestyle" - Marlena Wolf, CEO 


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