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Learn how to

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Design and install the right garden for you

Learn the most important factors in determining your garden's location and find different options on how to convert it into a thriving garden.  Create a seasonal layout for any garden type including in-ground gardens, raised beds, or containers.  

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Build healthy soils and healthy plants for your family

Get the dirt on soil macronutrients & plant nutrition.  How (and why) to make (and use) compost in the garden.  Learn how to identify, amend, and work with various soil types.  Discover how and why to take a soil sample and what you are testing for.

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Start seeds & identify crop families

Learn how to germinate seeds successfully, light considerations, and successive planting.  Determine which plants prefer to be directly seeded outdoors or sown first & then transplanted into the garden later. You'll learn to classify plants by family, season, and size & best planting layouts.

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Nurture and maintain through the growing season

Confidently manage your plants at various stages of growth.  Identify problems, troubleshoot, and tend to your plants properly.  Learn when to plant, water, and harvest your edible garden crops.  Develop intuition toward plant health, soil condition, and seasonal timing. 

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What you'll gain...

  • Different perspectives: Science, philosophy, and practical application 
  • Continuous growth through various seasons: cool, warm, and hot
  • Fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs within 30-50 days
  • Beginners will plant a first time garden
  • Intermediate gardeners will deepen their understanding, adjust their strategy, and experience more successes
  • Gardening wisdom that can be passed down generationally

What clients are saying...

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Jennifer F

I am so proud of myself. Lol.  I really have enjoyed the experience as a whole, and seeing what everyone is doing!  Our communication back and forth helps me stay motivated to keep going. That's what I need the most, motivation.

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Andrea M-W

I joined because I wanted to learn from an expert about starting my own garden at home. I have gained lots of knowledge about composting, watering, soil components, zones of plants and so much more valuable information. Marlena’s teaching style is very hands-on & personable!

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Dodie W

I have to tell you how grateful I am for you and this group! I’m doing things/learning things that I have always dreamed of learning one day, but just hadn’t or didn’t know where to start. It also has really helped switch my focus from the craziness going on. It feels REALLY nice!

What clients are saying...

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Leiah G

So far it's been 100% worthwhile. Not only has the education been invaluable but the physical support Marlena has offered me has been vital to my success this year. I'm eager for the return on my investment! It will be nutritious and delicious and will give back to me and my family for years and years to come. I'm more ambitious than I've ever been and eager to continue learning from Marlena in upcoming programs.

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Amy G

Marlena is very laid back and incredibly knowledgeable! I love her openness to everyone's different gardening styles and set ups. She's as genuine when working with all of us in a group as she is working with us individually. She's not pretentious and will admit when she doesn't know the answers to questions. Then, she's quick to research and provide accurate feedback. 
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Gail P

I love Marlena! She inspires me when we talk gardening. She has great energy! I look forward to expanding my garden next year. 

Linda S

I like getting quick responses on problems and terrific info on where to find the best products locally.


About the Instructor

Always following her passion to make things grow, Marlena Wolf has been an entrepreneur for 10 years, a horticultural expert & veggie farmer for 11 years, and a mother for 5 years.  She fled Corporate America in 2009 to take an apprenticeship on an organic, vegetable farm in Louisville, KY, USA.  The love of growing edible plants - fruits, veggies, and herbs developed through the losses and brought about feelings of freedom, food security, and serenity in nature.  Her experiences over this intensive growing opportunity has prompted her to educate, inspire, and empower others to grow food more successfully.  With her, you will develop a love and appreciation for edible gardening and a clear path forward.  And you'll be sure to have fun doing it!

What's the Investment?

Reap What You Sow Course


What's included

  • In-Person Garden Party Series
  • Four Hours of Video Modules with Instructor
  • 12 HOURS of recorded Live Group Trainings
  • One Hour of Planting Demo Videos
  • Downloadable PDF's + Ebooks
  • Lifetime Module access
  • Free app available for viewing

Garden Party Series ONLY


Top features

  • Six in-person meet-ups at a residential garden
  • Thursday night fun
  • Garden field-trip opportunities
  • Find like-minded gardening friends
  • Fruits, Veggies, & Herbs 101 Video Series
  • Experience hands-on learning for your local area

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