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Energized Education 

Recharge your energy.  Find creative ways to stimulate your interests this winter.  Personal development through our online courses has huge value, and unstoppable impact. Gain insight, skills, and a clear path forward to meet your gardening goals.  Ignite your fire for gardening here with us and discover all the resources you need to succeed.  

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Let's Grow Together

We need to take care of plants so that plants can take care of us. I love teaching about everything from soil, roots, fruits, and greens!   Go in depth with me on a journey of transformation to an edible wonderland.  There's a lot to discuss, let's start this beautiful journey together!

Grow a flourishing,

edible garden

Feel empowered to start your own garden from soil to seed to harvest with guidance from a local horticultural expert.  Get in tune with the seasonal rhythms of a veggie garden and deepen your understanding of its needs.

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"Marlena has been nothing but a savior for my plants. She has such an in-depth knowledge but can make even the most complicated information easily understandable. I would tell everyone to utilize what she has to offer."

-Josephine Higgins