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Composting: Your Complete Guide in Three Steps

Taking the Ew Out of Compost

One of my favorite things to do is to walk out into my garden and pick and eat. It is one of the most rewarding feelings of instant gratification to pick a cucumber off the vine and pull a few radishes up then take them to my kitchen and cut them up for a snack for my family. But then I’m left with radish tops and the ends of a cucumber, instead of throwing those away and adding to the garbage pile I get to take those back to my garden and add them to my compost pile where they will break down and give new life. Composting is a wonderful thing and if you’ve been around with us for a bit then you know we love our soil! Healthy soil supports abundant plant growth, it reduces pests, diseases, and weeds. It is the base of a good garden, and compositing is a fantastic way to take care of your soil and reduce your waste production. By composting, you can grow a more sustainable garden and participate in one of nature's most powerful processes,...

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The first rule in raised bed gardens

Louisville friends! Do you want high-end raised bed gardens that can’t be found in stores? Use rough sawn eastern red cedar lumber in your designs!!
The sweet smell of cedar and its soft pinks & purples, reminds you of grandmas jewelry box! Feels like home right?
Fresh from the lumberyard, rot resistant, and insect repellent, will sure to beautify your garden and add structure.  Rough sawn because it will come in its full thickness for longer durability and brighter coloring.
Also, create a design that includes a benchtop seat on all sides of the bed. This reduces the amount of bending you do while keeping your body stable.
This design, quality, and color will elevate your garden experience and serve as an outdoor centerpiece.  Or as one client described, "a masterpiece."
Our home garden business specializes in manicured, raised bed gardens that thrive. 
Select from various bed sizes, garden designs, and...
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What is the secret to having tomatoes in my fall salad garden?

What you may not know about home gardening could be keeping you from enjoying your precious vegetables well into fall!
Here is the secret to having ripe tomatoes for Fall Salad Gardens:
Depending on your climate (hardiness zone) you can have established tomato plants while your newly planted lettuces are just maturing! Google “hardiness zones” and type in your city or zip code. This gives you average frost date windows for your area.  This means that tomatoes can survive until your expected frost date!  Kentucky spans Three Hardiness Zones: 6a, 6b, and 7.
More simply Google “how many days are in my growing season!”  Louisville, KY has a 205 day growing window!! That means we can expect to be gardening from April thru October.  Plant a blend of tender and hardy salad greens to enjoy before winter freezes (usually December around here).
Even better news for those of you that...
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