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Harvesting in the Cool Season


If you have been planting with the seasons than you have been working hard the past weeks to tend your cool weather plants. I want to make sure you do not let all that hard work and your beautiful fresh produce go to waste. Remember if you plant with the seasons, you also harvest with the seasons! In Kentucky, where Edible Gardens Inc. is headquartered, the cool season is coming to a rapid end as a warm front has moved in, and the hot season will soon be upon us! So, as you go into your gardens be checking your lettuce, radishes and herbs for what we call bolting and harvest what you have following the instructions in the video above! 


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Become the Gardener You've Always Wanted To Be

Become the gardener you’ve always wanted to be.  You love nature.  You love the idea of gardening.  Why don't we grow together? Join us in our Edible Gardening Academy 12-week mentorship program! #reapwhatyousow
We know new skills take practice and new endeavors take motivation.
Accountability from our garden coaches will help you:
+ learn to trust your growing intuition
+ rely on your new skill set to grow fresh produce for your family
+ feel confident in your abilities to nurture a thriving garden
+ become the local gardening badass you’ve always wanted to be!
Whether you feel concern about food shortages or just don't have a taste for store-bought tomatoes - we can help you.  
Learn more about the content details on the webpage below!  The cart opens today.
Don’t wait for a complete supply chain breakdown to act. Join our community today!  SEE more about our Edible...
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