One Woman's Garden Journey

gardening inspiration Feb 13, 2021

Meet Gail P.  Veteran.  Friend.  Hydroponic pro. 

Second-year Strawberry grower."


Gail had been a successful indoor, hydroponic grower for years.  She has chronic pain issues from her tenure as a veteran and nurturing plants helps her.  When she moved into her newest home she had to shift to more outdoor growing.  That also meant, she needed a more practical growing set up for her physical limitations - elevated beds. 

She had tried her hand at outdoor, veggie gardens in the past with little productivity.  She had been frustrated and felt her time was wasted on poor results.  Gail reached out to me last February for a consult.  We wound up creating a raised bed garden design using recycled wood beds.  Very hard to find.  We built her twin 8x2x2 beds.  One in which, she filled with all strawberries!

Grazing delicious berry beds suits her.  The height makes it easier to pick.  The berry foliage creates a canopy to reduce weeds.  The bright red fruit with tiny white flowers keeps her coming back.  Helping Gail has been an honor and a privilege.  

“Marlena helped me learn how to grow fruits and veggies. I've loved being able to pick healthy food right out of my yard. I've never had success with vegetable gardening in the past, but Marlena installed a garden that produced and is manageable to me.”

- Gail Passanisi


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