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inspiration shopping Dec 04, 2020

Are Garden lessons right for your family?

I want to share a short story about my client who is such an inspiration to me!  Katherine and I went to high school together, then reconnected 10 yrs later at the St. Matthews farmer's market.  I was working for Kenny's Cheese and she was with Fox Hollow.  She is a mom of two, a food-preservationist, home-schooler, and an essential oil guru.  Fast forward to 2019, she invested in our Reap What You Sow garden course and helped her son grow an edible garden.  They did the Three Sisters: corn, beans, and pumpkins (squash)!

Earlier this week she approached me about providing personal garden lessons for her son and daughter.  (And her son wants to be a farmer!)  OMG YES, the answer is yes, yes, yes!

This invitation has inspired me so much to usher in the next generation of gardeners.  I've never offered this level of personal service in my garden coaching until now!   So, thank you, Katherine for showing me this was needed in our community, especially among the youth.

Whether we've worked together in my gardening programs, personal consultations, or I've done a garden installation for you, I'd love to offer this new service to your family.  I'm packaging holiday gift certificate bundles for families that want to secure this service for their children in 2021.

These are incredibly limited in nature so I urge you to read up on the options asap.  The various gift packages come with lessons + our 2021 Garden Calendar. 

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