Louisville Gardening Classes with "Witchy Women" haha

Local Gardening Class?

Thank goodness we don't live in times where women were labeled witches for their worship and wonder of the natural world.  It is our intuition toward togetherness, spiritual grounding, and gathering food that attracts us to each other.  We are bound by our instincts to do this work.    

Most of us are out of practice with our innate ability to grow food and herbs.  Our skills have gone uncultivated and unsharpened for too long. Our desire has been distracted.  We have lost touch with familial survival wisdom.  The art, craft, and science of horticulture has slipped through our hands, most literally.  

Growing food is intuitive - with a bit of nurturing. 

Let me ask you this?  Is it a little witchy to wanna grow gardens with a group of like-minded women?   Women who want to nurture plants and eat real food?  Those who want to connect with each other face to face, with dirt covered hands? 

Witchy or not, connecting to that desire within is the reason we do what we do here at Guidance For Growers.  We are on a mission to make growing and harvesting our own food a necessity worth doing while having fun!

So what are you going to do?  Let another year go by with your garden aspirations locked up in your mind, never seeing the light of day.  Join us in our mission to create genuine love around this lifestyle.  It is a noble practice, soulful, the best excuse to get outside, breathe in the air, keep our immune systems working for us in the most natural way, and to keep ourselves focused on something other than the news and social media.

This is a courageous way to spend your time and expel any negative energy.  I can tell ya that it is the best way I have found to put my myself into something good for my mind and body.  This is why we love It!! 

There has never been a better time than now to do this for you and your family. It is a worthy investment.  See Courses: Reap What You Sow to learn more!


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