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5 Tips to Give Your Home Garden a Makeover

Spring is in the air and the creativity is budding like the trees around us. If you couldn’t tell we LOVE spring it's a time of new growth and fresh new gardens! We have been busy creating new gardens and revitalizing old ones and we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to give your garden a springtime makeover! 

Nothing feels better than right after a spring clean when the house is fresh and the stale air of winter is replaced by the warm breeze and the same goes for your garden. So here are some tips for making your garden feel new again and exciting so that you can get back into the routine of gardening!


Tip Number 1: First take some time to clean up your garden beds and paths if there are any dead leaves or fallen branches get those out and into your compost if you have it. Next it’s time to restore those raised beds. A good sanding and some wood sealant can go a long way in making your beds bright and inviting again, it also increases the longevity of the beds and fortifies them for the coming season. Next spread some plant or animal-based fertilizer over the soil and mix in. Your beds are ready to plant! For even more details about preparing and planting your beds you can look at our blog post Spring Garden To-Do's in the Louisville, Ky area.


Now for the really fun stuff like getting yourself new clothes or a new hairdo you can get your garden feeling fresh and new by adding some accessories.


Tip Number 2: Add some containers in a variety of sizes that can hold flowers, herbs, or additional produce plants. These containers can add a fun variety to your garden giving it new shapes and colors. It also creates a new fun place for you to play in! The containers can be anything from wooden creates, to terracotta pots, I've even seen someone plant successfully in a shoe and a vintage suitcase. Small containers are a great way for you to express yourself in the garden with out making a permanent change in your garden. 

Tip Number 3: We love to add trellises to our gardens. This adds beauty and has a vital part to play in the garden. A trellis gives your plants space to grow up and so frees up space in your beds. It also gives your plants like beans and tomatoes support so they can grow larger and produce more. An obelisk trellis can be placed in the center of your bed and add a pillar of green and a beautiful focal point while you wait for your plants to mature. An archway trellis can connect two beds and give your garden charm and unity as the plants take over the structure. If you have an existing trellis you can change it up by getting it painted a new and fun color! 

Tip Number 4: Another fun way to spruce up your garden is to plant flowers or herbs. The flowers could be edible flowers like pansies, chamomile, bee balm, chives, or nasturtium. The flowers, whether edible or not, will add beauty and fun to your garden and be a great way to attract all those friendly bugs to visit your garden and your vegetables too! Herbs add a multitude of wonderful characteristics to your garden, they add smell, texture, and often color as they flower. A light rosemary and thyme lemonade is one of my favorite drinks to enjoy on a warm spring day. You can also transplant all of these plants, giving you a jump on the harvest and lots of pretty flowers and greenery as you wait for your warmer weather plants to come up.

Tip Number 5: One last tip we have for you to make your garden feel like home is to add finishing touches like our favorite, a rain gauge to keep track of the rainfall and look cute while it does! You can also add a bird feeder or cute bird house (OR A BAT HOUSE??) to help attract songbirds to your garden which adds life and can also be great for eating unwanted bugs. For bigger touches you can also add sculptures or maybe a water feature, no matter what you do it’s all about creating a space that you want to be in because the more you are in your garden tending to it the better your garden will produce. 


Be creative, let the sounds, smells, and sights of spring inspire you to make the most of your garden and above all make sure you are getting out there!


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