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"Our vision is to inspire edible gardens for every home in Louisville." - Marlena Wolf, CEO.


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All of Guidance for Growers local work begins with a garden consult. Whether you have a edible garden in place or you’re starting with a blank slate, a personal consult with a Guidance for Growers Consultant is the perfect way to begin.

Upon ordering a consult, a Guidance for Growers Consultant will schedule your meeting at a time that suits you. During the consult, you’ll learn more about Louisville's long growing season and our consultant will help you determine your goals for your edible garden in regards to design, productivity, and enjoyment.

If you have an existing garden our staff will help you assess your soil, plant layout, and make key planting and product recommendations to maximize your growing possibilities.

Our goal is to remove the guesswork from your edible gardening experience and return the fun and delight to watching a seed grow and stepping outside your back door to gather fresh food before dinner.


Get Started with a Consult


After your consult, Guidance For Growers staff will be hard at work to create the proposed edible garden design and estimate for you in a timely manner (numbers and drawings are usually available within 5 business days).

Upon approval of your estimate, we task our craftspeople to begin construction of your raised beds and I'll we'll provide other elements for you to chose from such as trellising and gravel.


Guidance For Growers takes care of every step of the installation process so you don’t have to worry. Our goal is to bring your landscape from tear out to complete edible garden in as little time as possible. For gardens 100 square feet or less, we typically complete an install in one day’s time. Our team carefully clears your space, connects to your irrigation system, installs our four key elements and you walk out to a complete edible garden, ready for tending and harvesting.


The edible garden is a dynamic thing, with many plants growing from seed to harvest in less than 60 or 90 days. While the magic is incredible, the task to care for your changing garden may sometimes feel overwhelming. Guidance For Growers offers both monthly and quarterly maintenance for our gardens as well as personal Garden Coaching. Our tending team pays attention the details of the garden and does the heavy lifting of replacing compost and replanting each new quarter. We do the heavy lifting and let you enjoy the harvests.


Get Started with a Consult
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"I've always valued natural beauty.  Bringing artful design and playfulness to the family garden appealed to me for many years.  This year Guidance For Growers helped me install a wagon wheel shaped garden with our playset at the center most point.  It is our sanctuary!"

– Leiah G

Our Story 

Marlena Wolf is an entrepreneur, mother of two, and CEO of Guidance for Growers Consulting LLC.  An expert in horticulture with an emphasis on edibles.  She has grown over 30 fruits, veggies, and herbs on Kentucky farms.  Her company builds customized raised bed gardens for Louisville residents, creates garden design renderings, and performs major garden renovations.

Marlena is obsessed with growth (of all kinds) and will help you fine tune your personal growing philosophy, style, and plant selection.  She will optimize your space and season, while bringing the "Wow Factor" to your home and garden.  Her work brings true craftsmanship to your property increasing its appeal and value.

"In 2009 I walked away from Corporate America to begin mentorship on an organic vegetable farm in Louisville, KY.  I learned to manage acres of produce and how to run a farm business. 

In 2011 I founded Girl Next Door Farm in La Grange, KY where I sold $30K of fruits, veggies, and herbs on just an acre.

I was featured in The Woman Hobby Farmer book by Karen Lanier, the Courier Journal, and Manner & Lane Online Publication.  I got to speak at University panels for “Minorities in Agriculture” and at the Convention center for “Women Veterans in Agriculture”.   Such an honor!

In 2019 I formed Guidance for Growers Consulting LLC to empower more people to grow food successfully, and enjoyably. Since then we have had over 20 Garden Consultations in the Louisville area with several successful garden installations.  We've had over overwhelming attendance in our online courses and local workshops  

My clients expressed the need for more "lifestyle items" to accompany their garden fun so in 2020 I introduced a line of garden merchandise and gifts!  I'm SO grateful to be able to serve in so many different capacities.  Nurturing plants brings the deepest satisfaction I've ever known and now I get to share that energy with you."  - Marlena Wolf, CEO


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